The following terms and conditions apply to all vendors of

  1. Registration
    1. To become a vendor and sell goods on, registration as a member is required.
    2. No-one shall have a right to membership of Kagerbet.
    3. natural and legal persons may become vendors of Kagerbet.
    4. Natural persons must be of full age.
    5. The registration of a legal person may only be undertaken by a natural person authorised to represent the legal person.
    6. At the time of registration, the member selects a member name and a password. The password must be kept secret and be of a sufficient degree of complexity.
    7. Members are obligated to keep their registration information up-to-date at all times and when relevant changes occur (e.g. move, name change etc.) to update the information accordingly.
  2. Approval
    1. All vendor applications must be approved by
    2. Only residents of Ethiopia are accepted as vendors.
    3. Applicants may be required to provide some information and documents during registration and approval.
    4. reserves the right to accept, deny or suspend vendor applications.
  3. Conducting business
    1. The General Terms and Conditions to vendors as well.
    2. The vendor must use for business purpose only. Therefore all communications between buyers and sellers should be of professional nature.
    3. Vendors must follow the Product and Shipping standards of
    4. The seller of a good must actually be able to supply that good or be in a position of supplying it within the timeframe stated in the offer.
    5.  Information provided by the seller as to price, payment, delivery, delivery time, delivery and shipment costs must be accurate, complete and comply with applicable statutory requirements.
    6. All images of a product listing must be representative of the product.
    7. Merely providing a link to an internet address does not qualify as a description of a good
    8. Offers must be listed in the appropriate category.
  4. Return and Refund Policy
    1. Buyers have a right to return a product for any reason within one week of delivery. The vendor is obligated to refund the full amount to
  5. Comments and Ratings
    1. reserves the right to approve any comment about a product or vendor.
    2. Comments, ratings, messages and criticisms must be based upon facts and may not contain defamatory statements.
    3.  Members are not allowed to submit ratings on themselves.
  6. Payments and fees
    1. Vendors are expected to pay a yearly membership fee. See Plan & Pricing page for details.
    2. When submitting a product, vendors specify their price for the product, to which kagerbet adds handling fee and commission to calculate the price seen on the site.
    3. collects payments from the buyer and redistribute the amount to vendors in the local currency.
    4. The exchange rate will be that of the day the payments are transferred to’s account.
    5. Vendors can select methods of payments (bank account, check, money transfer).
    6. Vendors can also schedule times of payments ( bi-monthly, monthly)
    7. Payments will be made to the vendor according to the method and time agreed upon.
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