1. General obligations which apply to all members:
    1. Every member is obligated to use the Kagerbet platform for lawful purposes only and according to these Terms and Conditions as well as the Kagerbet Guidelines.
    2. Members are themselves responsible without limitation for their offers (e.g. shop, items for sale) and content (e.g. ratings, forum posts, individual information).
  2. Principles which apply to all members by law:
    1. Members must comply with applicable statutory requirements at all times when using our services; in particular, but not limited to content from members may not violate:
      1. criminal law,
      2. regulations for the protection of minors,
      3. data protection law,
      4. third party copyrights, trade mark rights, sign rights, patent rights or rights to a name
      5. moral rights or other third party rights
    2. This means, for example, goods or services which may not be offered and content which may not be published include but are not limited to:
      1. stolen goods/fenced goods (for example, goods acquired through fraudulent means)
      2. media harmful to young people
      3.  premium telephone numbers
      4.  incitements to commit crimes, racist content
      5.  propaganda articles of banned parties, associations and groups
      6.  weapons
      7.  items from anti-constitutional organisations
      8.  slanderous, defamatory or libellous statements
      9.  counterfeit goods, imitations of branded goods
      10.  content which offends common decency
      11.  images or other files which are protected by copyright if the user has not obtained the respective right of use
      12.  items produced using child labour
      13.  images or other files which infringe trade mark rights, company name rights or other proprietary rights
      14. Furthermore, one should note that there are many items whose trade is subject to special – sometimes very strict – statutory regulations or restrictions. This includes, but is not limited to:
        1. trade in toys
        2.  trade in foodstuffs
        3.  trade in textiles
        4.  products from protected plant and animal species
      15. Please note that content on the Kagerbet.com platform is fundamentally accessible worldwide. Therefore, depending on the case it is possible that laws of other countries must be observed.
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